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jQuery translucent

translucent is a jQuery UI plugin.

Created by byeolbit

Translucent plastic card theme.

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Transparent card theme - jQuery plugin.

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Demo : https://byeolbit.github.io/translucent

Translucent is a jQuery plugin for make transparent/translucent design element in webpage.

What you need to use Translucent

  • jQuery
  • Browser support

Tested browsers

Firefox 35.0 Chrome 53.0 Safari 6 Edge 38.0 Opera 40.0
Firefox Chrome Safari Edge Opera

※ Not support Internet Explorer. (It does not support CSS filter)

How to use translucent

1. Get plugin

  • Download zip or tar.gz archive.
  • npm : npm install translucent

2. Insert script into your HTML

<script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.1.1/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.translucent.min.js"></script>

3. Make your background element and card element in HTML

<div id="your-background">
    <div class="your-card">
        <div class="tl-card-contents">
            <!-- your card contents here -->

4. Apply translucent to your card element in script


or you can customize options.

    filterValue : 5,     // int
    cardColor : 'clear', // preset color or your own color
    shadow : true        // true or false

Plugin description

.translucent( selector , [ options ] )

Apply translucent card them to element.


  • type : string
  • description : Selector for your background element. It must be id.


Attribute Type Default Description
filterValue number 10 This is blur value.
cardColor string 'white' Color of card. You can use preset or your own color. Preset : 'clear', 'white', 'grey', 'black'
shadow boolean true This decides shadow effect of element. true applies effect.

.translucent( 'blur' , value )

Change amount of blur for background.


  • type : number
  • description : Value for blur background. 0 will get clear background.


// Apply 20 blur to background
$('.your-element').translucent('blur', 20);

.translucent( 'destroy' )

Destroy translucent from the element.



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MIT License