A repository of over 1000 quality jQuery plugins


I created jQuery Cards at Christmas 2014 as a tool to use myself when working on websites. Many other jQuery plugin repositories were a mess, hard to navigate and you would have to switch from site to site to view a demo of the plugin.

Fast forward a year and I decided to share my tool with others so they can benefit from having a great jQuery plugin repository.

When I set out to design the site my main focus was on 5 key parts. I wanted the site to:

I hope you enjoy using the site and get as much use out of it as I have. If you have any ideas or suggestions then you can get in touch or via twitter @jquerycards.

Thanks for visiting. Cheers!

~Aaron L.

Note: I have an affiliate agreement with WP Engine and The HOTH which pays me commissions if they receive sales from visitors to jQueryCards.