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jQuery JQuery LoadScroll

JQuery LoadScroll is a jQuery Loading plugin.

Created by Nathco

Extension for loading images while scrolling

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Simple jQuery extension for dynamically loading images while scrolling. Intended for image-heavy websites to save bandwidth and decrease intial load time.


Include the latest version of jQuery and jQuery.loadScroll.js in the <head> of your HTML document:

<script src="jQuery.min.js"></script>  
<script src="jQuery.loadScroll.js"></script>

How to Use

Reference the loadScroll() method and use the data-src attribute for all dynamic loading images. The data-src changes to the standard src attribute as the image(s) enter the viewport. Placeholder images are optional. See the live demo: code.nath.co/loadScroll


<!-- Load on Scroll -->
<img data-src="a.png" src="#" alt="">
<img data-src="b.png" src="#" alt="">
<img data-src="c.png" src="#" alt="">
<img data-src="d.png" src="placeholder.png" alt="">  


$(function() {  

    // Default

    // Custom fadeIn Duration


Browser Support

– Google Chrome
– Safari ( Desktop & Mobile )
– Internet Explorer ( 8, 9, 10+ )
– Firefox
– Opera ( Not Tested )

Release Notes

jQuery.loadScroll 1.0
– Initial Release
jQuery.loadScroll 1.0.1
– Changed isrc attribute to data-src for HTML validation
– Added paramater for fadeIn duration


If you discover any issues or have questions regarding usage, please send a message to code@nath.co or find me on GitHub @nathco.

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