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jQuery jQuery HoverZoom

jQuery HoverZoom is a jQuery Hover plugin.

Created by Jmartsch

A lightbox and gallery alternative

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jQuery hoverZoom


* No need to click. Just hover over the images to enlarge them
* Real Animation of the image. Not only animating a placeholder div as in most lightboxes
* Support for image captions via alt attribute
* Centering images in viewport
* Scale image to fit in viewport
* Options to control speed of animations
* complete control of the style with css
* 10 KB minified
* hoverIntent included as an option
* Debugging messages
* Free and Open Source

Browser Support (tested versions)

* Firefox 3.6+
* IE 6.0 +
* Safari (Tested in Version 5.0.3)
* Opera (Tested in version 11.0)

Please feel free to test it in other versions/browsers and notify me if it`s working or not.


jQuery 1.4+


Released under the MIT license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/MIT/




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