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jQuery Nitelite

Nitelite is a jQuery Dialogs / Lightboxes plugin.

Created by Premasagar

A low-level Lightbox plugin for jQuery.

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h1. Nitelite

h2. API Documentation

h2. @jQuery.nitelite@

Calling @jQuery.nitelite@ will give you a new Nitelite lightbox instance. Each instance has the following methods:

  • @open@
  • @close@
  • @center@
  • @unload@

h2. @open()@

This method takes a single argument -- the contents of the lightbox. It can be a string of HTML, a single DOM node, an array of DOM nodes, or a jQuery collection. E.g.

// String of HTML:
'); // Single DOM node: jQuery.nitelite().open(document.createElement('div')); // jQuery collection: jQuery.nitelite().open( jQuery('
', { css: {color:'red'} }) );

Note that if you pass a DOM node (or collection), that node will not be cloned -- it will simply be appended to the lightbox.

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