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jQuery .resize()

Learn all about the jQuery function .resize().

This method is a shortcut for .on('resize', handler) in the first and second variations, and .trigger( "resize" ) in the third.

The resize event is sent to the window element when the size of the browser window changes:

$( window ).resize(function() {
$( "#log" ).append( "<div>Handler for .resize() called.</div>" );

Now whenever the browser window’s size is changed, the message is appended to <div id="log"> one or more times, depending on the browser.

Code in a resize handler should never rely on the number of times the handler is called. Depending on implementation, resize events can be sent continuously as the resizing is in progress (the typical behavior in Internet Explorer and WebKit-based browsers such as Safari and Chrome), or only once at the end of the resize operation (the typical behavior in some other browsers such as Opera).