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jQuery hybicon

hybicon is a jQuery Animation & Effects plugin.

Created by softwaretailoring

JavaScript library for synergistic SVG icons. It works with HTML5 data attributes. There is a primary and a secondary icon and they can be animated with hover and click.

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Hybrid SVG icons. A tiny JavaScript library based on Raphaël.js.

Icons can be animated with hover and click.

For more insight please visit http://hybicon.softwaretailoring.net



<div data-hybicon="github-star"></div>

sample image


hybicon.js is available over npm

$ npm install hybicon

and bower

$ bower install hybicon

or CDN by jsDelivr

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/hybicon/1.4.0/hybicon.min.js"></script>


Gábor Berkesi (gabor.berkesi@softwaretailoring.net)


Licensed under MIT. Better together.

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The MIT License (MIT)