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jQuery Wheelnav

Wheelnav is a jQuery Navigation plugin.

Created by softwaretailoring

Animated wheel navigation JavaScript library based on Raphaël.js (SVG/VML). It can be a pie menu (radial menu, circular menu) and many more.

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Animated wheel navigation JavaScript library based on Raphaël.js (SVG/VML).

It works on all major desktop and mobile browser.

Possible uses:

  • tab navigation
  • pie menu (radial menu, circular menu)
  • sub menu
  • option button
  • checkboxes
  • and more...

For more insight please visit http://wheelnavjs.softwaretailoring.net


Via JavaScript


<div id="divWheelnav"></div>


var myWheelnav = new wheelnav("divWheelnav");
myWheelnav.slicePathFunction = slicePath().WheelSlice;
myWheelnav.colors = colorpalette.parrot;
myWheelnav.createWheel([icon.smile, icon.star, icon.fork, icon.$]);

Via data attributes


<div id="divWheelnav" data-wheelnav data-wheelnav-slicepath="WheelSlice" data-wheelnav-colors="#D80351,#F5D908,#00A3EE,#929292">
    <div data-wheelnav-navitemicon="smile">smile</div>
    <div data-wheelnav-navitemicon="star">star</div>
    <div data-wheelnav-navitemicon="fork">fork</div>
    <div data-wheelnav-navitemicon="$">donate</div>


var myWheelnav = new wheelnav("divWheelnav");

demo image

The index.html of this repo (test page) is available here.


wheelnav.js is available over npm

$ npm install wheelnav

and bower

$ bower install wheelnav

or CDN by jsDelivr

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/wheelnav/1.7.0/wheelnav.min.js"></script>


Developer: Gábor Berkesi (gabor.berkesi@softwaretailoring.net)

Development environment: Visual Studio Community 2013 with Web Essentials


Licensed under MIT. Enjoy the spinning.

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The MIT License (MIT)