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jQuery jQuery Mobile Navigation Mvc Skeleton

jQuery Mobile Navigation Mvc Skeleton is a jQuery Responsive & Drawer plugin.

Created by AndiDog

Brunch skeleton for a jQuery Mobile application using modular routing & screen navigation approach (using push/pop, support for tabs), MVC-based, using CoffeeScript (and optionally Stylus and Handlebars)

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Brunch skeleton aimed at mobile apps, using CoffeeScript, jQuery Mobile, Backbone, Handlebars, Stylus, MVC pattern

This is a skeleton for Brunch based on the work of Paul Millr (simple-coffee-skeleton) and my previously released skeleton (jquery-mobile-bootstrap-mvc-skeleton).

CoffeeScript is the main language, while Stylus and Handlebars were chosen for design and views (can be replaced easily).

Getting started

Clone this repo or download the ZIP file (you won't need the history). Installing Brunch globally is recommended (npm install -g brunch). Then run npm install in the skeleton directory, followed by brunch build (or brunch w -s for automatic rebuilding on changes and Brunch's integrated web server). See more info on the official site of Brunch.


Public domain – use it however you want. Exceptions are files that explicitly state (or are obviously under) another license.

iOS tab icons taken from the wonderful iconza icon set.


TODO: update this

  • config.coffee contains configuration of your app. You can set plugins / languages that would be used here.
  • app/assets contains images / static files. Contents of the directory would be copied to build/ without change. Other app/ directories could contain files that would be compiled. Languages, that compile to JS (coffeescript, roy etc.) or js files and located in app are automatically wrapped in module closure so they can be loaded by require('module/location').
  • app/models & app/views contain base classes your app should inherit from.
  • app/controllers contains example controllers using Backbone's hashbang routing
  • test/ contains feature & unit tests.
  • vendor/ contains all third-party code. The code wouldn’t be wrapped in modules, it would be loaded instantly instead.

This all will generate public/ (by default) directory when brunch build or brunch watch is executed.


Versions of software the skeleton uses:

  • jQuery 1.8.2
  • Backbone 0.9.2 (only event system, rest stripped out)
  • Underscore 1.3.3
  • jQuery Mobile 1.2.0 (with default theme)
  • i18next 1.5.7 (for translations)


Web application

Run rebuild-daemon.py --target=web --debug and the app will be built in the folder src\public. The scripts Start development server.* serve this folder if the right tools are installed (take a look inside the scripts, Python and Twisted on Windows, for example). Of course you can serve it using your own web server instead.

Android app

Import the project in android and all projects in dependencies/android into your Eclipse workspace. Open the properties of the "Mobile Skeleton" project and check whether the builder "Force rebuild Mobile Skeleton" is configured correctly.

Run rebuild-daemon.py --target=android --debug and the app will be rebuilt on any changes. Then simply start the app from Eclipse.

iOS app

Update the CordovaLib project reference using update_cordova_subproject path/to/MobileSkeleton.xcodeproj.

Remaining instructions: TODO ;)

Unit testing

Install jsdom by executing npm install jsdom in the src directory. That will try to install contextify as well which requires a binary module. For Windows, you can find binaries here or you can try to compile them yourself (npm will try it for you). If you want to use the binaries, first run npm install contextify to install its dependencies (e.g. "bindings" library) and then copy over the binaries to the node_modules folder.

If you get an error like TypeError: Cannot call method 'querySelectorAll' of undefined, contextify is missing from your node_modules folder.

All test specs must have a filename like src/test/view_test.coffee, note that view.coffee won't work.

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