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jQuery Vo Tee

Vo Tee is a jQuery Rate & Vote plugin.

Created by Y-a-v-a

This repo contains a voting app for http://gli.tc/h/ . Made in PHP, using jQuery and a jQuery form validator by https://github.com/jzaefferer . You can upload JPEG, PSD, AI, EPS and TIFF files which will be transformed into JPEG files for the frontend and originals are stored in the uploads folder.

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Project consists of two pages

  • application form for submitting an image of type JPEG, PSD, AI, EPS and PDF
  • overview page collecting and showing all submitted images in an endless scroll mode

  • Created for http://gli.tc/h/
  • Running (but submission is closed) on http://votee.vincentbruijn.nl


  • PHP Imagick extension
  • Folders uploads and data should be chmod 777
  • Create a database using the SQL file in the data directory. Change the database name to your liking.
  • Change db credentials in conf.php
  • The data directory might also be used by the program for logging to a system.log file.

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