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jQuery Angular Rateit

Angular Rateit is a jQuery Rate & Vote plugin.

Created by Akempes

This directive was inspired by the jQuery (star)rating plugin RateIt. However this package will work without jQuery.

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This directive was inspired by the jQuery (star)rating plugin RateIt. However this package will work without jQuery and is very light weight.


Live demo

Getting Started

You can install an angular-rateit package easily using Bower:

bower install angular-rateit

And add the files to your index page:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="angular-rateit/dist/ng-rateit.css" />
<script src="angular-rateit/dist/ng-rateit.js"></script>

Finally add 'ngRateIt' to your main module's list of dependencies:

angular.module('myApp', [

How to use

To get it working simply add this block of code to your view:

<ng-rate-it ng-model="test.rateit"></ng-rate-it>

N.B. When using angular 1.2.* use <div ng-rate-it ng-model="test.rateit"></div>

For more advanced functionality you can add a couple attributes:

    ng-model = "String, Number, Array"
    min = "Double"
    max = "Double"
    step = "Double"
    read-only = "Boolean"
    pristine = "Boolean"
    resetable = "Boolean"
    star-width = "Integer"
    star-height = "Integer"
    rated = "Function"
    reset = "Function"
    before-rated = "Function: return promise"
    before-reset = "Function: return promise"


Attribute Description Value Default
ng-model Object bound to control. (Required) String, Number, Array -
min Minimal value. Double 0
max Maximal value. The difference between min and max will provide the number of stars. Double 5
step Step size. Double 0.5
read-only Whether or not is readonly. Boolean false
pristine Whether or not the current value is the initial value. Boolean true
resetable When not readonly, whether to show the reset button. Boolean true
star-width Width of the star picture. Integer 16
star-height Height of the star picture. Integer 16
cancel-width Width of the cancel icon. Integer star-width
cancel-height Height of the cancel icon. Integer star-height
rated Fired when a rating happened. (Obtain the rated value by the model) Function -
reset Fired when the reset button was clicked. Function -
before-rated Fired before the item is actually rated. By rejecting the promise it is possible to cancel the rating. Function: return promise -
before-reset Fired before the item is actually reset. By rejecting the promise it is possible to cancel the reset. Function: return promise -


You can easily add your own star style via css. You can use the star-width and star-height attributes to make the 'stars' bigger if necessary.

    .custom.ngrateit .ngrateit-star{
        background-image: url('custom.png');
<ng-rate-it ng-model="model.custom" class="custom"></ng-rate-it>

Release Note:


  • BREAKING: The over callback is removed.
  • BREAKING: If you're using your own template, you need to update it.
  • Template and CSS file are refactored in order to support mobile divices.
  • Moved calculations from template to controller.

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