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jQuery jQuery Addresspicker

jQuery Addresspicker is a jQuery Autocomplete plugin.

Created by Sgruhier

JQuery UI widget : address autocomplete field by google maps V3 geocoding service

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IMPORTANT: You should check out the new version based on typeahead https://github.com/sgruhier/typeahead-addresspicker. This version won't be too much updated now Thanks

jQuery UI widget for selecting an address. This widget has been develop for a specific need but feel free to use it or fork the repository

You can see a live demo here: http://xilinus.com/jquery-addresspicker/demos/index.html


  • Autocompletion is maiden with jquery-autcomplete widget and filled by google maps V3 geocoding suggests.
  • Instant display suggestion on a map


$('input[name="address"]' ).addresspicker();
  $('input[name="address"]' ).addresspicker({componentsFilter: 'country:FR'});

Support for IE8/9

You will need to use this in order to make the plugin work with IE8/9 https://github.com/MoonScript/jQuery-ajaxTransport-XDomainRequest

Options (with default values)

  appendAddressString: "",
  draggableMarker: true,
  regionBias: null,
  bounds: '',
  updateCallback: null,
  reverseGeocode: false,
  autocomplete: 'default',
  mapOptions: {
      zoom: 5,
      center: new google.maps.LatLng(46, 2),
      scrollwheel: false,
      mapTypeId: google.maps.MapTypeId.ROADMAP
  elements: {
      map: false,
      lat: false,
      lng: false,
      street_number: false,
      route: false,
      locality: false,
      administrative_area_level_3: false,
      administrative_area_level_2: false,
      administrative_area_level_1: false,
      country: false,
      postal_code: false,
      type: false
  autocomplete: '' // could be autocomplete: "bootstrap" to use bootstrap typeahead autocomplete instead of jQueryUI


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