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jQuery jQuery Uitablefilter

jQuery Uitablefilter is a jQuery Filter & Sort plugin.

Created by Gregwebs

small plugin for filtering (hiding) table rows based on their text content

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  • jquery plugin for filtering table rows


This plugin is very light-weight (please look at the source). I consider it finished, and have no plans to add any features. It works quickly for small data sets without consuming any extra memory (that would be needed for faster filtering).

If you use a javascript framework which keeps the table data in memory (backbone.js, etc) then all you have to do is add a hook to automatically re-reunder the table. If you are using a framework like AngularJS the table will be re-rendered automatically. So it is probably very easy to just roll your own table filter.


click Download link at bottom of: http://plugins.jquery.com/project/uiTableFilter

That link seems to be broken now. You can simply download the latest code from github

source code


author and license

copyright Greg Weber. MIT licensed.





http://silverwareconsulting.com/index.cfm/2008/10/2/jquery-autofiltering-table this is a nice example that ties this plugin with the tablesorter plugin


          var t = $('table')
          $.uiTableFilter( t, phrase )


* jQuery object containing table rows
* phrase to search for
  - If the phrase contains spaces it will be broken up into separate words that must all match a row

optional arguments: $.uiTableFilter( t, phrase, column, ifHidden )

* column to limit search too (the column title in the table header)
* ifHidden - callback to execute if one or more elements was hidden


  • expects a thead and tbody element

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