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jQuery jQuery Livefilter

jQuery Livefilter is a jQuery Filter & Sort plugin.

Created by Cheeaun

Slightly advanced live filtering jQuery plugin

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A jQuery plugin to filter a list of data or elements. A fork of Mike Merritt's older version of jQuery.liveFilter plugin. I remember the script wasn't on GitHub last time when I fork it.





$(selector).liveFilter(input element, element to be filtered, options);


  • filterChildSelector - ( string, optional) A string indicating the selector of the elements to be matched and filtered.
  • filter(function(element, value)) - ( function, optional) Executed for filtering the elements based on the input field value.
  • before() - ( function, optional) Executed before data or elements are filtered.
  • after() - ( function, optional) Executed after data or elements are filtered.


This script is under copyright of Mike Merritt.

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