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jQuery jQuery TabSlideOut JS

jQuery TabSlideOut JS is a jQuery Feedback plugin.

Created by Hawk-ip

jQuery plugin to create a side/top/bottom tab that slides out to show a feedback form, contact form, notepad etc.

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jQuery plugin to create tabs that slide out from the window edges to show a feedback form, contact form, notepad etc.

Includes methods to programmatically interact with tabs, and events and handlers fire on open, close and bounce (bounce is used to attract attention to a tab).



Create a handle element (div, a, img, span etc.) inside a div (typically) which will be the content panel. By default the selector for the handle is .handle (scope is limited to the panel).


<div id="slide-out-div">
    <a class="handle">Click me</a>
    <p>This is the panel content.</p>

In your javascript:

    tabLocation: 'right' // optional, default is 'left'

The handle and panel will be positioned by the plugin - you don't need to apply positioning. Init options let you choose where to place the tab (which edge, offset from the top/bottom/left/right) and where to place the handle relative to the content panel.

Styling, such as borders, colours, hover effects etc. should be put in your own CSS.


You can leave out any options, and the following defaults are used:

tabLocation: 'left', // left, right, top or bottom
tabHandle: '.handle', // JQuery selector for the tab, can use #
speed: 300, // time to animate
action: 'click',  // action which will open the panel, 'hover' or 'click'
offset: '200px', // panel dist from top or left (bottom or right if offsetReverse is true)
offsetReverse: false, // if true, panel is aligned with right or bottom of window
otherOffset: null, // if set, panel size is set to maintain this dist from bottom or right (top or left if offsetReverse)
handleOffset: null, // e.g. '10px'. If null, detects panel border to align handle nicely
handleOffsetReverse: false, // if true, handle aligned with right or bottom of panel 
bounceDistance: '50px', // how far bounce event will move everything
bounceTimes: 4, // how many bounces when 'bounce' is called
positioning: 'fixed', // can also use absolute, so tabs move when window scrolls
pathToTabImage: null, // optional image to show in the tab
imageHeight: null,
imageWidth: null,
onLoadSlideOut: false, // slide out after DOM load
clickScreenToClose: true, // close tab when rest of screen clicked
toggleButton: '.tab-opener', // not often used
onOpen: function(){}, // handler called after opening
onClose: function(){} // handler called after closing

Add the class ui-slideouttab-handle-rounded to a handle to give it rounded outer corners.


You can programmatically interact with the tab:

$('#slide-out-div').tabSlideOut('isOpen'); // returns true or false
$('#slide-out-div').tabSlideOut('open'); // opens it
$('#slide-out-div').tabSlideOut('close'); // closes it
$('#slide-out-div').tabSlideOut('toggle'); // toggles it
$('#slide-out-div').tabSlideOut('bounce'); // bounces to attract attention


Three events are defined. Respond to one or more of them as follows:

$(document).on('slideouttabopen slideouttabclose slideouttabbounce',function(event){
    var $panel = $(event.target);
    var eventType = event.type;
    // your code here


GPL v3.0


This was originally written by wpauli and hosted on Google Code.

  • Koen Meessens

    What is going wrong?
    I’ve downloaded the zip (button download) and started the file demo.html in directory demo.
    The TabSlides are just text on the screen, with a colored title.
    Where can I find a working .html file?
    I found it a great tool… if it is working
    Thank you

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