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jQuery JQuery Quick Feedback

JQuery Quick Feedback is a jQuery Feedback plugin.

Created by Richquick

jQuery based Feedback button

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jQuery Quick Feedback

Created by @richquick / http://www.richquick.tv

A jQuery-based feedback tab

The plugin can be configured to work with any server-side form.

$('body').feedbackTab({tab2: true, feedbackAction: '/form1/form.php', tab2Action: 'http://www.this.com/form.aspx'});

Icons courtesy of:

http://p.yusukekamiyamane.com/ (Note: Original licensing terms apply)

Defaults are as follows:

wording: 'Feedback', method: 'post', tab2: false, tab3: false, tab4: false, feedbackLink: 'Feedback', tab2Link: 'Suggestion', tab3Link: 'Problem', tab4Link: 'Praise', feedbackHead: 'Give us your feedback', tab2Head: 'What\'s your suggestion?', tab3Head: 'What\'s the problem?', tab4Head: 'What have we done that\'s great?', feedbackText: 'Give us some feedback about the website.', tab2Text: 'Got a suggestion? Let us know about it.', tab3Text: 'Let us know if you\'re unhappy about something we\'ve done', tab4Text: 'Let us know if happy with something we\'ve done', feedbackFieldName: 'feedback_field', tab2FieldName: 'feedback', tab3FieldName: 'feedback', tab4FieldName: 'feedback', feedbackNameFieldName: 'name_field', tab2NameFieldName: 'name', tab3NameFieldName: 'name', tab4NameFieldName: 'name', feedbackEmailFieldName: 'email_field', tab2EmailFieldName: 'email', tab3EmailFieldName: 'email', tab4EmailFieldName: 'email', feedbackAction: '/form/', tab2Action: '/form/', tab3Action: '/form/', tab4Action: '/form/'

This code is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.

You can use this code and make any changes you like, provided you:

a) Credit me for the original work b) If you make any changes & distribute the code, you must do so under the same licencse or similar


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