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jQuery Stupidbox

Stupidbox is a jQuery Dialogs / Lightboxes plugin.

Created by Starikovs

Really simple image lightbox jQuery plugin. Demo is here http://codepen.io/starikovs/full/vNEvpW/

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This is a really simple and a bit stupid image lightbox jQuery plugin. It has no options and works out of the box. It just a javascript jquery.stupidbox.js file with no styleshets, images, etc.

And again, all you need is jquery.stupidbox.js (it's around 30 lines of code).


Demo on CodePen


The idea of this markup is that <a> tag has a big image and <img> has a thumbnail.

<a href="big-image.jpg">
    <img src="thumbnail-image.jpg">

Or you can use just <img> tag. In this case, you will get the same image in the lightbox.

<img src="image.jpg">


jQuery(function ($) {


jQuery(function ($) {


We stretch image in the lightbox to full screen keeping aspect ratio, so it's recommended to use high quality images for "big image".

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The MIT License (MIT)