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jQuery .removeData()

Learn all about the jQuery function .removeData().

The .removeData() method allows us to remove values that were previously set using .data(). When called with the name of a key, .removeData() deletes that particular value. When called with no arguments, .removeData() removes all values.

Note that .removeData() will only remove data from jQuery’s internal .data() cache, and any corresponding data- attributes on the element will not be removed. A later call to data() will therefore re-retrieve the value from the data- attribute. To prevent this, use .removeAttr() alongside .removeData() to remove the data- attribute as well. Prior to jQuery 1.4.3, as data() did not use data- attributes, this was not an issue.

As of jQuery 1.7, when called with an array of keys or a string of space-separated keys, .removeData() deletes the value of each key in that array or string.