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jQuery jQuery Mb Browser

jQuery Mb Browser is a jQuery Browser / Tweaks plugin.

Created by Pupunzi


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jquery.mb.browser replaces the jQuery $.browser method removed from v. 1.9. It's hardly recommended to use feature detection instead, but if you need to know what browser and what version this reintroduce the $.browser object that returns all the browser properties:


        var txt = ''
                +'jQuery.browser.ua  = '+jQuery.browser.ua+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.name  = '+jQuery.browser.name+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.fullVersion  = '+jQuery.browser.fullVersion+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.version = '+jQuery.browser.version+'<br><br><br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.msie = '+jQuery.browser.msie+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.mozilla = '+jQuery.browser.mozilla+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.opera = '+jQuery.browser.opera+'<br>'
                +'jQuery.browser.webkit = '+jQuery.browser.webkit+'<br>';

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