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jQuery jQuery Bootpag

jQuery Bootpag is a jQuery Pagination plugin.

Created by Botmonster

BootPag – boostrap dynamic pagination jQuery plugin

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bootpag - dynamic pagination

This jQuery plugin helps you create dynamic pagination with Bootstrap or in any other html pages.


Snippet that dynamic loads number of pages. More examples can be found on project homepage

<p id="content">Dynamic page content</p>
<p id="pagination-here"></p>
    total: 7,          // total pages
    page: 1,            // default page
    maxVisible: 5,     // visible pagination
    leaps: true         // next/prev leaps through maxVisible
}).on("page", function(event, num){
    $("#content").html("Page " + num); // or some ajax content loading...
    // ... after content load -> change total to 10
    $(this).bootpag({total: 10, maxVisible: 10});


Plugin available under MIT license (See LICENSE file)

Copyright (c) 2013-2015 botmonster.com

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The MIT License (MIT)