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jQuery jQuery Lazy Images

jQuery Lazy Images is a jQuery Images plugin.

Created by Singlebrook

Lazy image loading for Rails 3.1+

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jQuery plugin for lazy-loading of images. Why have your users download what they can't see?

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Rails 3.1 or greater (with asset pipeline enabled)

Add to your Gemfile: gem 'jquery-lazy-images'. Run bundle install.

The jquery.lazy-images files is now added to the asset pipeline and available for you to use.

Add require jquery.lazy-images to app/assets/javascripts/application.js and app/assets/stylesheets/application.css, following the existing format of those files.

Rails 3.0 or earlier (or without asset pipeline)

You're on your own here. Sorry!


All images rendered with image_tag will automatically be lazy-loaded.

Images in email

Lazy-loading of images in email really doesn't work. We haven't thought of a performant way to automatically make these images eager-loading, so you'll need to change your image_tag's in your email templates to eager_image_tag's.

This dangerous command may help you with this:

  sed -i 's/image_tag/eager_image_tag/g' app/views/*_mailer/*

Precompiling the assets

If you precompile your assets, be sure that you have a line like this in your config/environments/production.rb (or similar) to avoid getting a 404 on the placeholder image (grey.gif).

config.assets.precompile += %w(*.png *.jpg *.jpeg *.gif)


To run the specs you must have PhantomJS installed. If you use homebrew you can run brew install phantomjs.


Thanks to Mika Tuupola for creating jquery.lazyload.js! This gem bundles that library, and he's done most of the hard work for us.


  • @sbleon - Initial build
  • @jkonowitch - Initial build
  • @bobbyw - Poltergeist testing support
  • @petergoldstein - Rails 4 compatibility and Travis CI integration

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