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jQuery LyraAdminBundle

LyraAdminBundle is a jQuery Search plugin.

Created by Mgiagnoni

Symfony2 admin bundle. Provides an easily configurable backend area, powered by jQuery and jQuery UI widgets, to create, edit, delete, show, search Doctrine objects.

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LyraAdminBundle consists of a set of Twig templates, a base controller for CRUD actions and some 'renderer' services to simplify the creation of a backend area powered by jQuery and jQuery UI widgets.

This bundle is being developed to provide a common backend interface to all bundles that make part of Lyra CMS, however it can also be used independently from the CMS as a standalone standard Symfony2 bundle.

LyraAdminBundle is under development .

  • branch master requires Symfony 2.1
  • branch 2.0 requires Symfony 2.0.x

Installation instructions and a basic tutorial to get started are at:


MIT license



More screenshots

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