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jQuery jQuery Drag Drop Plugin

jQuery Drag Drop Plugin is a jQuery Drag / drop plugin.

Created by Mikeplate

Drag and drop plugin for jQuery with transparent support for mouse and touch. View demo:

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Drag and Drop, jQuery Plugin


This is a jQuery plugin for handling drag and drop operations with transparent support for both mouse and touch events. This means that you will be able to use the exact same code for desktop and mobile web sites.


Include the JavaScript file jquery.drag-drop.plugin.js in your html page.

<script src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.6.4/jquery.min.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.drag-drop.plugin.js"></script>

The plugin is named "dragdrop" and can be applied to an element or a container of elements that should be draggable. You will probably also specify some options while applying the plugin.

$("#area").dragdrop({ makeClone: true, dragClass: "whileDragging"});

Without any options, the default behaviour is to enable dragging of any elements inside the matched elements when dragdrop() is called and to enable dropping on any element that has the CSS class "drop" applied. But by using function callbacks like canDrag and canDrop, you can specify exactly what can be dragged and where it can be dropped. And you can also specify what actually happens on a drop with the function callback didDrop.

If you have an element containing many draggable elements, you can either attach the plugin to each individual element inside the container or attach it to the single containing element and then implement canDrag to make sure that the correct child of the container is dragged.


The plugin supports the following options when it is initialized for a source:

  • makeClone can be true or false. Default is false. If true, the actual source element won't be the element that is dragged but rather a clone of it.
  • sourceClass can be the name of a CSS class. This class is applied to the source element in its original position (if visible) while it is dragged.
  • sourceHide can be true or false. When true, the original element is set to invisible while the dragging occurs.
  • dragClass can be the name of a CSS class. If specified, it is applied to the element that is being dragged while the drag operation is active. Note that if makeClone is false, this is also the actual source element.
  • canDropClass can be the name of a CSS class. If specified, will be applied to the droppable area element whenever a dragged element is hovering over it, to signify that the user can drop at this time.
  • dropClass can be the name of a CSS class. This class name is used to identify droppable area elements. The default is "drop". If a callback function is specified under "canDrop", this class name has no effect.
  • container can be a jQuery element of a container. If specified, elements dragged will not be able to move outside of that container.
  • canDrag can be a callback function that returns true or false. You can use this callback if you'd like to apply the plugin to a larger container, and then only make specific elements inside that container draggable by returning true from the callback if you've determined the current element as eligable for dragging.
  • canDrop can be a callback function that returns true or false. Return true if the dragged element can be dropped on the specified element. If this function is used, the "dropClass" setting has no effect.
  • didDrop can be a callback function. If specified, it is assumed to take care of all operations and effects to occur after a successful drag and drop has been performed. Otherwise, the default operation is to restore the class on the source element and if makeClone is false the element will be appended as a child to the droppable element.


This software is released under the MIT License.

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