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jQuery Droparea

Droparea is a jQuery Drag / drop plugin.

Created by Gokercebeci

droparea is a HTML5 drag and drop image/file uploader jQuery plugin

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h1. Droparea

droparea is a jQuery plug-in for HTML5 drag-and-drop (images and files).

Originally it has:

  • client-side image resizing with canvas on browser option
  • data url option for sending a file/image as a text field with ajax
  • click event for browsing files

Tested on:

  • GoogleChrome (Linux; v. 23)
  • Mozilla Firefox (Linux; v. 17)

h2. Usage


h2. Options available

Note: If you want to post more data while uploading a file, you can use "data tag". For example: @data-custom="custom-data"@

data-height : Optional but required for canvas resizing.
data-crop   : Optional. This is crop option for canvas resizing. [true/false]
data-canvas : Canvas resizing option. Default value is false.
data-post   : Optional. This is an URL for direct posting.
data-type   : Optional. File tld. [png, jpg, zip] Separate with coma if more than one.

h2. Contributors

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