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jQuery jQuery Enhancedfileinput

jQuery Enhancedfileinput is a jQuery Custom Styled plugin.

Created by Mparramont

A better HTML input for files, allowing custom styling and initial values.

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jQuery plugin to enhance the HTML file input. Use it to add styling, a custom button, or initial values to your file inputs.

View demo.

In your html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="src/jquery-enhancedfileinput.js"></script>
<input type="file" class='file_input' id='example_input'>

In your js:

options {
  'initial_value' : 'initial_file.jpg',
  'condition'     : function(initial_value){return true;},
  'html'          : "<img src='img/select.png'>"


Will create the following:

<div class="enhanced_file_input_wrapper" id="enhanced_file_input_wrapper_for_example_input" style="position: relative;">
    <input type="file" class="file_input" id="example_input" style="position: relative; opacity: 0; z-index: 2;">
    <div class="enhanced_input_container" style="position: absolute; top: 0px; left: 0px; z-index: 1;">
        <input id="enhanced_file_input_for_example_input_1" class="enhanced_file_input">
        <img src="img/select.png">

And look like this:

demo image

Inspired by quirksmode.org/dom/inputfile.html

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